Circular design toolkit for companies

How can you design regenerative products?

80% of the impacts and costs of a product or service are defined at the design stage. Thus, considering the circularity of materials, negative externalities and end-of-life of any resource before a project development is now key for any organization.

Applying circular design you can seize new opportunities, find new ideas of development and create shared value within your ecosystem.

To access the circular design toolkit to create new product/service, optimize your assets, create your circular economy strategy or improve your current business model, join the Circulab community as a certified company.

Who get certified?

This certification is for any teams from Medium to Large Companies, willing to design regenerative products, projects and businesses.

It can be for innovation or product departments, managers, designers or project leaders in charge of project development.

We train the teams to the Circulab method and tools. Then, we give them access to all the Circulab services so that they can lead circular projects as efficiently as possible .


Use circular tools from the design stage

Being part of the Circulab community, you have:

  • circular design toolbox designed by Circulab to integrate circular design in your process from strategical to operational issues
  • workshops templates and tactics to lead collective intelligence workshops with your key stakeholders
  • customer-support to get the best from the tools and benefits from upgrading

Train your teams to circular design

Being part of the Circulab community, you get:

  • a 2-day initial training for the selected teams who want to apply regenerative design in their product and service development
  • a participation to all the webinars, events and complementary trainings offered by the Circulab community
  • a continuous sector and circular process watch available directly on our social network.

Find circular experiences from an international network

Being part of the Circulab community, you can:

  • ask for any certified consultants experience or feedbacks from the field and former similar projects
  • build partnerships with certified experts to support you in your decision-making or design processes
  • access to information, opinion or market opportunities through our social network

How does the certification work?

To join the Circulab Community, you must select the people you want to get certified inside your company. Then, they are trained with one or two 2-day training session (in English, French or Spanish) which will introduce them to the complete method and teach them how to use, apply and qualitative outputs from the Circulab toolbox and materials.

At the end of the training, they will be able to apply the Circulab toolbox and methods and lead Circular design processes internally.

Once the training completed, an annual license allows the company and its trained team to benefit from all the Circulab services, tools and materials.

Want to join us?


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