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As independent worker, the lack of time, finances or know-how can make it difficult to work on improving your reputation, acquire new methods or offer a complete service to your clients. Especially when your goal is to generate positive impacts and improve our economy, you don’t want to be limited. Join together with other circular economy consultants to strengthen and expand your work.

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Andrew is a Certified Consultant

Circulab is an invaluable global community of practitioners from all industries, who collaborate to accelerate the transition to a more circular (regenerative) economy in their localities.
It is is also a repository of engaging and inspiring tools, case studies and learning materials designed.
Its is constantly evolving and improving and is of huge benefit to Holonic and the work we do in Australia and the surrounding areas.

Andrew Thomson
Expert Systemic design HOLONIC – AUSTRALIA

Interview with A.Thomson
Andrew Thomson

Get our circular design certification and join a community of circular economy practitioners

Joining this international community of circular economy professionals, not only you are connected with other experts worldwide but you are also sure that you share a mutual interest with people that you can trust in and work with. Such a community is even more valuable when it brings together diversity of profiles and experiences and gather members around common methods and toolkits.

With the Circulab community, you can be an independent consultant within a interdependent community.

Circulab has developed a strong network of certified experts and offers high quality services to get the best from cooperation and reinforce the global impact for a circular and regenerative economy.

Community Circular Economy experts

Business Intelligence

Continuous cooperative learning

The Circulab community offers you a shared tool for business intelligence on biomimicry, cooperation, design and resilience. It makes possible to quickly and easily access the best examples of circular economy projects, cities or companies worlwide but also the key figures and studies from various sources.

New businesses

Ease in developing your business

The Circulab community offers you the right tools and framework to share experience, projects or tips. It makes it possible to co-design offers, find your future business partners and co-facilitate circular economy workshops.

Shared methods

Circular economy toolkits and methods

The Circulab community offers circular economy toolkits based on team-focus and playful methods, and case studies from all over the world. It makes it possible to prepare, animate and deliver the best circular economy services to your clients.

Valérie is a Certified Consultant

Being certified and a member of the Circulab community since early 2016 has been very helpful.
First I have met wonderful people who are sharing my values and have complementary skills. For some of my customers it’s really an added value when you can animate workshops with people who are trained on the Circulab methodology. You save time and can get innovative ideas about how to animate or better answer the needs of your customer. This is teamwork !
Secondly, thanks to the international dimension of the Circulab community I am constantly aware of the Circular Economy latest news. This gives me a good overview on how companies are moving to a more regenerative economy and I can use these examples both in my consultancy and teaching activities.
Thirdly, thanks to the Circulab methodology and thanks to the feedback we regularly have from the other Community members I’m progressing constantly and have no doubt about the need of having a systemic approach.

Valérie Schneider
Expert sustainable development and CSR policy Valérie Schneider Conseil – FRANCE

Interview with V.Schneider
Expert RSE et économie circulaire

A 3-step process to join our community of circular economy certified consultants

  • > Step 1
    Theorical training

  • Follow our Online Circular Design modules to master the fundamentals of Circular design methodology and our circular design tools in Creative Commons.
  • > Step 2
    Certification training

  • Follow our 14-hour face-to-face circular economy certification training to acquire our complementary circular design tools, cases studies and tips on facilitation and circular economy consultancy.
  • > Step 3
    Yearly Membership

  • Once certified, get access to the Circulab community services, offers and tools with a yearly license which fee is based on your cooperation and involvement.


Discover the Circulab community

Michel is a Certified Consultant

Circulab and its circular certification have been very valuable tools for approaching customers in a structured way with a solid proposal on eco-design and regenerative economy. The community has been key to being able to obtain some exciting contracts also internationally, to facilitate workshops together with other members. What we share as a community has improved both my knowledge and facilitation skills.

Michel Wolfstirn
Expert Biomimicry BiomimicryNorway – NORWAY

Interview with M.Wolfstirn
Michel Wolfstirn

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