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Economy circular workshops

Service review

I would like to thank Circulab for initiating this journey towards our sustainable campus. The workshop and the topics covered allowed us to create a real team project, onboarding different stakeholders, within HEC Executive Education (program teams, Marketing teams, logistics teams, Purchasing) and HEC global (HEC S&O Center, HEC Comm and HEC IDEA Center, students). This project made it possible to create and strengthen ties between the teams, it is a real asset.

Thanks to this project we also launched a logo for the HEC Sustainable Campus!

Claudia Schneeweiss – HEC Executive Education

Service review

“A small company of great professionals with great ambitions and promising results. It is a real pleasure to work with Justine and Brieuc. They are responsible, they know perfectly how to listen to us, guide us, and suggest useful action plans to move the lines for the benefit of more sustainable development. In conclusion: a company that keep itself on the ground, with ingenious hands and its actions turned towards practical solutions provided by the circular economy to respond to the issues of the 21st century.”

Julien Delamaere – Marketing Manager – SULO Group

Service review

Circulab made it possible to reveal the complementarities between the various existing actors on the territory, and to identify new activities to develop. The methodology helps support actions already carried out in termes of industrial symbiosis.

Marie Bourc’his, Community Seine-Eure

Service review

The work with Circulab helped the teams to adopt a strategic vision of their partnerships and of cooperation.

Jérôme Priolet, Enactus France

Service review

The circular design methods of Circulab is very effective and make it possible to go further with a more practical path.

Nicolas Marang, L’Oréal

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