Developing circular tourism

· Bâtho case study ·

Create new values on the territories with circular economy; the example of slow tourism

The French social company Bathô recovers recreational boats at the end of their life to transform them into atypical accommodation solutions, in order to avoid their destruction and to meet the growth of slow tourism.

This new form of tourism aims to promote local ecosystems, economy and traditions in travel experiences. In oposition to mass tourism, it emphasizes a slow path experience by connecting visitors to locals and offering activities on a very local scope.

In some European countries, the slow tourism is famous. Yet, in France, territories still need to redesign their offers and services in order to meet develop a sober and regenerative tourism.

Bathô wishes to make slow tourism a reality by helping territories designing there offers and identifying their partners in western France.

Start from local heritage and ecosystems

Slow tourism aims to reduce waste, preserve know-how and connect individuals with new local activities and experiences. To build such an offer it is required to study and understand the local system: resources, know-how, history, geography…to value it the most.

slow tourism offer

A serious game to design the slow tourism offers

To design their offers, municipalities need collective intelligence with the local stakeholders.

Bathô chose to design a serious game that will not only help stakeholders dialog but also help to design the slow tourism offers for the region considering all the know-how, the activities, the available equipments to define the best possible journey.

slow tourism consulting

Design your next serious game!

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