Improve the life cycle analysis through take back: Interface UK case study

Unlock the potential of closed loop systems; take back products at the end-of-use

Interface is a large global manufacturer of modular carpet with a presence on four continents and over half of the business coming from outside the U.S.

So far, Interface has developed several solutions to deal with the end of life of their products. Their, ReEntry program made it possible to divert 26 million pounds of carpet and carpet scraps from landfill.

Nevertheless, only in Europe, there are still 30 million square meters that are destroyed every year. The take back of their ecodesigned carpets can be improved.

The objective of that study was to explore the new value propositions to improve the current recovery and recycling system.

Interface projet économie circulaire

Study the opportunities of my circular economy projects

Study the opportunities of my circular economy projects

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