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Learn more about circular design and the circular economy and keep up to date with the latest news from Circulab but also on a global scale about the circular change, waste issues, resource efficiency... Be inspired by the best practices we share to start your journey. 

future economy

What will the future economy look like?

In this article we present the latest political decisions in favor of the circular economy and analyze the impact on our daily lives.
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Course Circular Design

Master Circular Design

New online course: Master Circular Design. Acquire the mindsets, the skills and tools to design for regeneration.
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eco design

Eco-design, what is it?

Cooperation, creativity and systems thinking; how to face crises?
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Circular Resilience

Circular design to drive resilience

Cooperation, creativity and systems thinking; how to face crises?
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wiithaa devient circulab

Wiithaa becomes Circulab

Circular design agency Wiithaa, becomes the strategy agency and design studio Circulab
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biomimexpo 2019

Biomim’expo, the showroom for biomimicry

Biomimicry and circular economy at the same showroom: what was Biomim'expo 2019?
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regenerative economy principles

Regenerative and circular economy, what is it?

Circular and regenerative economy, what are we talking about?
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Regenerate our natural ecosystems: Circulab donates 1% For The Planet

Discover how we regenerate our natural ecosystems
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circular business model

From product ecodesign, to business model ecodesign

Ecodesign your business model: some inputs, tools and tips.
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It is possible to reconciliate business and nature?

Business or nature, why choose only one?
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design circulaire schema blog

Circular design: the next step of design thinking?

Circular design: Definition, main principles and examples.
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european commission circular economy blog

European Commission wants to “close the loop” of the circular economy

Circular economy, introduced by the European Commission
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