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The Global Observer – May 2022

A monthly selection of articles on circular economy from the five continents, curated by the members of the Circulab community
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Biomimicry nature inspired design

Why biomimicry is not just copying from nature

We’re all subject to the same laws of physics, facing the same elements and adapting to them. Nature is a master at ‘creatively’ using the laws of physics at its own advantage...
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How to build resilience in troubled times

The past 2 years have been a global crash course in crisis management for businesses, individuals as well as public and private decision makers. Let's take a look at business resilience and how it can lead to thriving social and economic models.
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Altavia Act joins Circulab community

Altavia ACT* joins the Circulab community

Interview with Anne-Catherine Trinon, Managing Director of Altavia ACT*, a member of the Circulab community
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Technology Circular Economy

Is Technology the Answer to all our Problems?

Digital technologies have allowed the formulation of multiple innovations with considerable economic, environmental and societal benefits. From the Circular Economy perspective, tech is a powerful enabler but also presents risks.
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Toys, Plastics and Circular Economy

Toys, Plastics and Circular Economy

How can Circular Economy help the toy industry tackle plastic pollution?
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overconsumption of water resources

How to understand and combat the overconsumption of water resources?

What are the pressures on water resources and the risks associated?
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Business models

How to build a business model with positive impacts? The Circular Canvas

Shape your business model to adapt to the circular economy.
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Single-use plastic is no longer fantastic

Single-use plastic is no longer fantastic

Every year 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the oceans… It is the equivalent of emptying one full rubbish truck of plastic waste in the ocean every minute.
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Tool Partner Map

Alone we go faster but together we go further: the Partner Map

Stakeholder mapping, more than just a CSR deliverable
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Value Chain Canvas

A macro tool for a global vision: the Value Chain Canvas

Analyze your market with the Value Chain Canvas
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future economy

What will the future economy look like?

In this article we present the latest political decisions in favor of the circular economy and analyze the impact on our daily lives.
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Course Circular Design

Master Circular Design

New online course: Master Circular Design. Acquire the mindsets, the skills and tools to design for regeneration.
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